In Praise of Trump

There has been a lot of criticism of our president in his first few days in office, so much that his polling numbers are the lowest in history for any new president. This must hurt a man who cares very much about being the best, the first, the winner. Let me set the stage and then say a word on his behalf.

On the campaign trail he said things like these:
“I know more about ISIS than the generals do.”
“I know more about the federal government than anyone.”
“I will eliminate crime.”
“I am the only one who can fix what is wrong with our country.”

He is obsessed with being the most loved man ever. When he should have been trying to mend bridges with the CIA, he bragged about having the biggest inauguration crowd ever, despite clear photographic evidence that it wasn’t even the biggest in this decade.

The saddest part of a sad campaign was the debate between Donald Trump and Marco Rubio about who had bigger “hands.” It is not unusual for immature high school or college boys to boast that “Mine is bigger than yours.” When a man who just turned 70 (welcome to the club, Donald) is still making that boast, both figuratively and literally, we can assume two things:
1. He is very insecure.
2. He has reason to be.

My friend Ron Waterman, one of the top attorneys in Montana, pointed out that President Trump has actually been the best in some categories that we should applaud. He said the Montana ACLU, the group that defends the individual rights and liberties guaranteed by the constitution to all, has experienced unprecedented growth, as has the national organization.

I did my fact checking, and found a Time Magazine article dated Nov. 14, 2016 that said right after the election, in just a few days, the donations to national ACLU increased by 7000%, as they collected “roughly 120,000 donations totaling more than $7.2 million.”

In those same few days, Planned Parenthood received 80,000 donations, many of them in the name of Vice President Mike Pence, but our president should get credit for those as well.

The Anti-Defamation League, which “fights anti-Semitism and all forms of bigotry” experienced a “fifty-fold” increase in donations.

Add to this the size of The Women’s March the day after the inauguration. Was it the largest demonstration ever in DC or was that the civil rights march with Dr. Martin Luther King? No matter, if you add in all the marches around the US and 30 other countries that happened the same day, Donald Trump turned out the biggest American demonstration in history.

Let me make a bold claim for which I have no factual support except the ones previously stated (although Pat assures me that facts are no longer necessary in our country today) in praise of Donald Trump.

I believe that he will turn out to be the best fundraiser and membership recruiter in history for every group that supports and defends the victims of bigotry, misogyny, xenophobia, gay-bashing, or who oppose every attempt to increase the power of the presidency over Congress, the courts, and the law.

This is an outcome that a large majority of us in the US wholeheartedly support. Donald Trump, in some ways that make a positive difference in our country, you are indeed the best. Thank you, Mr. President.

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Rusty Harper is outrageously happy because he is retired and living with the love of his life, Pat Callbeck Harper in Helena, Montana. So why does he inflict these ramblings on the rest of us, you ask? Because you deserve it. If you aren't smart enough not to read this stuff, then you have to suffer through it. Maybe that builds character, though I doubt it. Think of all the positive things you could do with the time you are wasting on things that occur to me in the night and then sound strange even to me when I write them down in the morning. Bake a cake. Complain to your Senator. Run for Congress. Do something.
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