About Rusty Harper

Rusty Harper tries to end workweeks for friends and folks at the Montana Secretary of State’s Office with outrageous laughter. Since that never works, he next aims for multiple chuckles. Failing that, a subtle grin is a stretch, but still theoretically possible.

He is married to the love of his life, Pat Callbeck Harper, who is not responsible for the content of this drivel. Neither are his beautiful, smart and funny daughters, Robin Harper Cowie and Molly Harper Haines, nor even his fine sons-in-law, Zac Cowie and Mark Haines. However, his grandsons, Caleb and Greyson Cowie are very funny people, so maybe they will find this amusing — no, probably not.

So why are you reading this when you could be training for a triathlon, writing a novel, curing cancer, or eating a whole blueberry pie? Let’s get with it.

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