Trump the Self-Fulfilling Prophet

As of today, about 40% of the nation approves President Trump’s performance. I saw two women on TV at a Trump rally say, “There’s God, then there’s Jesus, then there’s Trump.”

Many of the other 60% are inclined to see Trump’s reputation as having been tarnished, in part because of bragging about sexually assaulting women, and then trashing every woman who accuses himself or any Republican of sexual misbehavior;
or praising the American Nazis;
or hiring white supremacists as advisors and following their advice;
or not seeing anything wrong with separating children from their parents;
or verbally attacking most of our allies while praising (and believing) Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un;
or constantly telling the nation that any criticism of him or his policies or his people is “fake news” in a clear attempt to stifle the free press;
or asking that black athletes lose their jobs permanently if they try to engage in protesting wrongs;
or asking why protests were allowed at events surrounding the Kavanaugh hearings despite what our Constitution guarantees;
or trashing John McCain and all prisoners of war;
or reacting to every accusation by accusing the accusers of heinous crimes;
or taking personal credit for everything good that happens and refusing to take any responsibility for anything else;
or trying to make every federal employee, including the head of the FBI and the Attorney General, put loyalty to him above all else;
or averaging just under 5 false or misleading statements per day in his first 100 days, which rate has steadily risen until it stands at approximately 16 per day since the beginning of June;
among other things.

OK, but other than that, some say that in order to have a civil discourse in this country, those of us who do not condone those behaviors need to keep an open mind and find things we like about him, so we can open a dialogue.

I can’t go that far, but I can offer a positive spin on some of his behaviors. We could say some of his lies are not exactly non-factual by reinterpreting them as prescient prophecies which he can effectuate himself. (He won’t read this, so I don’t need to explain any big words.)

Consider how on the mark he has been as a prophet who speaks not in parables or aphorisms, but in apparent “falsehoods” that mask the truth to come.

He said he was going to drain the swamp. Now no one would argue that there are not parts of the federal government swamp that need to be drained. Some claim he was lying because the incompetence and personal dishonesty of most of his appointees has added critters to the swamp unlike what we have ever seen before. But consider this — many of those critters are being or have been “drained” because they are quitting or being fired in record numbers. There is more draining going on and at a faster pace than ever, thanks to adding greatly to the denizens of the muck.

He said numerous times he would stop the US from being laughed at by other nations. To do that he had to start the actual laughter, which he did in his UN address that drew outright laughter for his blatant lies and even drew smiles from the Germans, which is the equivalent of the Irish blowing Guinness out their noses while guffawing. Now he can stop that laughter every single time he doesn’t appear at international gatherings. Self-fulfilling prophecy!

However, some of his “not-lies but prophecies” concern me. He said he will stop all illegal immigration into this country. He said he will fix crime in this country. He said he will fix health care and retirement so that no one will ever complain about them again. Worst of all, he said he is a stable genius who is the smartest man in the world.

If my theory is right and these are not as much whoppers as predictions that he can make happen, how could those things become literally true? Only by starting a nuclear war that will destroy all the earth’s population more intelligent than he is. That hasn’t happened, but he may have the power to do it.

Well, I guess that wasn’t a great defense of Trump, and it certainly wasn’t Friday Good News. Sorry. There’s nothing we can do about it — wait — midterm elections will determine whether he gets the go-ahead for his dire prophecies or some small check on his Putinish ambitions.

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